Complaints from RVers About Other RVers

Complaints from RVers About Other RVers

We are members of quite a few RVing groups on Facebook, and they are a great source of information, and they have a lot of experienced RVers to answer your questions. The groups are 90% useful and 10% grumpy farts. There’s always a handful that have to throw poo like they skipped a step in the evolutionary process…

So, I’m going to talk about the complaints I have seen the most from RVers about other RVers. You can use the information to avoid pissing people off – or to make it a lot worse if you don’t care how bunchy their panties get.

Kids Having Fun
Seriously, this is a complaint that I have seen more than once. What we full-timers need to remember is that this is our life. We get to stay at these parks, travel, and relax or explore whenever and however we like. The weekenders or vacationers are trying to make the best of the limited time they have before they have to go back to work. Have some patience! Take a good listen to a kids’ laughter – it could be contagious!

Gee, Mr. Wilson. Unknot your drawers.

Unleashed Dogs
First, we are dog owners. We have two full-sized dogs that you can learn all about them here. Second, your dogs should ALWAYS be on leash when outside. That is the rule 99% of the time, so follow it. If your dog is amazingly well-behaved then congratulations, and they shouldn’t mind being on a leash because they are so amazingly well-behaved. Also, it makes my dogs jealous that yours are off leash and mine are all dressed up with them. Stop making my dogs jealous. Just follow the rules.

It’s really not that hard to follow the rules…

People Walking Through Your Campsite
Okay, I gotta go with the grumpy farts on this one. If it’s isn’t your campsite, stay out of it.

I feel a little violated just reading the sign.

“They have their generator on all night long.” “It’s so loud.” “The fumes come in my window.” Okay okay, okay. I get it. You are probably out RVing because you like the outdoors; because nature sounds and smells better than a city every time. But we all travel differently. We don’t own a generator, but have some great portable solar panels. BUT we do not use much power. No TV, no microwave, etc. We’ve gotten annoyed by a generator a time or two, but having a camping neighbor come tell us about his heart monitor that needs charged often (he is on the heart transplant list) reminded us that we don’t know what other people got going on in their lives, so we probably shouldn’t gripe about any of them…well, maybe a few of them. 

You can gripe about these guys.

LINKS on RVing Etiquette (I do not necessarily agree with all of these, or any of them, but thought I would share other opinions too, even though mine is really the only one that matters.

10 Commandments of RV Etiquette  

Campground Etiquette

RV Etiquette


Starting the first week of January we are trying something new! We will be hosting in Joshua Tree National Park. This hosting job will last from January until the end of April, and we are really excited about it!

Joshua Tree National Park, California

The complete list of duties for this particular gig is very short – live there and make sure that if any hikers have gotten off their path and find themselves nearby then just point them in the right direction. I think we can handle that! Well, the hubby can handle that – I was not blessed with a sense of direction…(but I got extra doses of cute and humor!)

Four months seems like a long time to spend in one place, as we have traveled a lot since launching in September. We have already put over 3000 miles on Hoban and the Serenity! Which is exactly why we were looking for a workamping gig. We wanted to force ourselves to slow down a little. We aren’t on vacation. This is our way of life now and we don’t have to see everything all at once. So we searched online and found this easy hosting job and we’re giving it a shot.

There is a Cholla Garden in Joshua Tree – we have promised the four-legged ones that we will not be visiting this particular garden.

The area of Joshua Tree National Park that we will be in is called Keys Ranch. There is a ton of history in the place and I can’t wait to learn it all! There is so much to be seen and explored in the park!

Keys Ranch

If you are interested in learning more about hosting, I have included a few links below. Forums

Snowbird RV Trails