Dog Park Reviews by Rusty & Milo – Happy Tails in Roseburg, OR

A few weeks ago Milo and I (I’m Rusty!) stole Mom’s computer so we could write a dog blog. It was awesome! I had so much fun that I decided to keep doing it as often as I can get away with it!

Hey! It’s me, Rusty!
…and it’s Milo….

I figured that you don’t all want to read about what other dog’s butts smell like, or about my running tally of bees that I’ve eaten (it’s such a rush, man!), so I have decided to write about the dog parks we go to. Milo and I love going to the park, it’s awesome! We get to run around without our leashes and pee on anything that we want! It’s crazy fun!

So here is my first Dog Park Review

Happy Tails Dog Park – Roseburg, Oregon
East Drive, 80233 Roseburg, United States

This is me going into the dog park to meet everyone and pee on the gate.

This park was pretty big. There was plenty of room to run around and get other dogs to chase you. Lots of trees to hang out in the shade or pee on. It was awesome.

It wasn’t too hot, but shade is always good after running around!

There were three fire hydrants! Three of them! It was awesome.


They also have a swimming pool! It was awesome!

I didn’t swim in it, but I drank a bunch from it. It was awesome!

We met two other dogs while we were there. One of them had to wear a face blanket. It was weird!

Look! How do they eat? What’s it for? Wait..oh. If I don’t stop barking at everyone in the campgrounds I may get one too? Um. Moving on. Not awesome.
I was getting pretty tired after running around so much.
The fence is falling down in some places, but it looks like peoples are trying to fix it.
Can you smell that tree? It’s awesome!
Oh! Smell this one! I peed on it! It was awesome.

So, for my first Dog Park Review I give this park 2 out of 4 Awesome Paws! 

LL “Stub” Stewart State Park, Forest Grove, OR

We headed inland after leaving our exciting ghost hunting experience at Fort Stevens State Park. We drove over Highway 26 toward Forest Grove, OR. There was a three-vehicle accident along the way, and instead of just sitting on the road to wait for the wreckage to clear, we pulled into Camp 18. Camp 18 is a restaurant and logging museum in Elsie, OR.  There are lots of shaded picnic tables, a small creek flows beside it, and there is a ton of logging artifacts and history. It was a great little unexpected stop!

Train Car at Camp 18
This super big cool thing.
Camp 18 water wheel
Water wheel
World’s biggest fishing weight?
Camp 18 viewed from the creek
All aboard!
These are deer made from wire frames to grow plants inside – the plants are all dead and it made them super creepy.

Due to some appointments we needed to be near Portland, OR for a few days.  We had reserved a spot at LL ‘Stub’ Stewart State Park (we don’t normally reserve spots, as we are a more of fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kind of RVers). The park is really nice with lots of tall trees, miles of hiking trails, and wildflowers. There were high temperatures while we were there, so the first few days were spent hiding in the shade, but we did get to explore a little bit. 

Picnic Table Centerpiece

There is a fenced off-leash area for the dogs to run, which is always a plus for us!

Rusty enjoying leash freedom!!
Yay! Shade! Shade is good!
Mr. Rusty enjoying the day!
Milo found a tasty tree-bone!
Tastiest tree-bone ever!

The nearby town of Forest Grove has the world’s tallest barber pole, so we had to go check that out!

World’s Tallest Barber Pole
72′ Tall Barber Pole
Rusty and Milo were impressed!
I didn’t realize that the barber pole was in Lincoln Park – but I find bliss in ignorance.

After our time at LL “Stub” Stewart, we headed over I-84 to check out the Colombia River Gorge – up next!

A Dog Blog by Rusty!

Oh! Hi!

My name is Rusty.

I’m pretty handsome, but I try not to brag.
Hey! Who put this picture here? I look ridiculous.

I took over my mom’s computer today and I’m going to write a blog like she does! Milo is here collaborating with me, but he doesn’t know how to type.

He doesn’t even LOOK like he could type. Yep. That’s my idgit little brother.

We just want all you other travelers out there that if you don’t already have a dog in your RV – you need to go get one! We LOVE to travel!

We have a sweet set up in the back of this truck!

We get to smell everything.

I smelled the thing first, but Milo likes to jump in front like a punk kid.
Milo says “I smelled the thing first, but Rusty always likes to act like he’s the boss and run ahead.” BUT Milo is an idgit and I don’t listen to him. – Rusty.

We get to pee on everything

Look at how majestic I am!

It is so much fun and you would have so much fun too if you added a dog to your family!

This is the best! We love hitting the road for new smells and pee places!!

All you have to do is go visit a Dog Jail and find a new family member. Don’t worry!!! Dog Jail doesn’t actually keep bad dogs – they’re all good dogs just waiting for people to love! You can also check out all the good dogs at!

Thanks for reading and make sure to share pictures of your dogs with us – and we’ll make sure to wag our tails at you when we see you on the road!

I can type. I just wanted him to do all the work! – Milo.
Also – I can’t wait to sniff your dogs’ butt! – Milo
I’m just leaving this here to embarrass Rusty. – Milo.






Redwoods and Trees of Mystery


Awe inspiring.  





Just some descriptive words that come to mind in the California Redwoods.

That’s some big wood…
…that’s what she said.

We just visited the northern parts of the Redwoods, near Jedediah Smith National and State Parks. We spent a few days exploring the forests, rivers, and parks.

Howland Hill Road. An excellent motor tour through the giant trees.
How many trees can you plant in an empty forest? One. After that, it’s not empty anymore.
It takes a long time to say anything in Old Redwoodish -and we never say anything unless it is worth taking a long time to say.

Our favorite part of the visit was Trees of Mystery. Trees of Mystery allows you to bring your four-legged friends in with you! So, Rusty and Milo got to go play tourists with us and even got to ride a gondola up the SkyTrail.  Trees of Mystery is gorgeous and worth the ticket price!

Paul Bunyan and Babe are at the entrance to welcome you to Trees of Mystery.
Rusty and Milo were VERY excited about Trees of Mystery!
This guy makes me think about how I feel after too much to eat and not enough nap.


The Elephant Tree
Nature’s Underpass
Nom. Nom. Nom.


What are we doing next? We already peed on every tree here!


SkyTrail Gondola


Um. Someone is taking the ground away. We should get out. – Milo.
Rusty enjoyed the view!


Full Time RVing With the Furry Kids

Most full time RVers are of a retired age. And for some reason retirement and little yippy dogs go hand-in-leash. We aren’t in the age of retirement, but we still travel with our dogs…who are most certainly not little yippy dogs.

Rusty, a beautiful rust-colored retriever and chow mix, is 10 years old. He does not let his age get to him as he is the roamer. If anyone was meant to be a nomad along with us, it’s him. We have to keep him on leash most of the time as he is really a roamer.  He loves me with all his heart and will spend a fair amount of time just staring at me. He often winks at me, and I wink back so he knows that I am on the same page with him.


Milo, a dark yellow lab, is 8 years old. He is a rescue that had been abandoned when his owner went to jail. Milo was stuck in a backyard with no water or food for awhile. He has not forgotten this. Food is his happy place. Hot dogs? Yes! Hamburgers? Yay! Dog Food? Yep, yep! Canned dog food? Heck yea! Vegetables? Meh….how about a biscuit instead!


Rusty and Milo are still learning this traveling thing…as are we. They do the actual traveling part in the back of the truck, under a canopy. They have a small mobile apartment back there with food and water available, and a mattress to nap on. They each have an open side window on the canopy to sniff the world as it goes by. It’s a hard life we have thrust upon them.

Doggonnit! I guess we’re off again!

They are good boys – most of the time. They can be pretty invasive when it comes to meeting new dogs. There is no social bubble that means a dog turd to them. They can also be pretty invasive when it comes to meeting new people. They have no qualms about a decent butt sniff. Luckily they don’t hump new people…just each other on occasion.

Our Best Advice for Traveling with Dogs

  1. Carry poop bags where ever you go!
  2. Always have extra water for your dogs!
  3. Time your stops to try to keep them on their eating and walking schedules. At least as close as possible.  
  4. Don’t stress if they don’t eat while traveling. They will end up eating when they are hungry and their stomach settles from all the miles of sniffing.
  5. Be watchful of the areas you are walking them. Cactus is not a friend to their paws.
  6. When you arrive somewhere new, try to walk them around as soon as possible so that they can get familiar with where their home is parked this time.
  7. If your dogs have other family members that are not traveling with you, take something of theirs with you. We brought a blanket from my kids’ house and they sleep on it every night.
  8. Traveling is exciting. We humans can get wrapped up in all the new and cool things to see. Make sure you take time just for them. Find a local dog park, take a long walk at their pace letting them sniff the world.
  9. Always carry poop bags. Really.
  10. There are never enough belly rubs.
I’m waitin’ for my belly rub!

Back on the Coast

We came back to Coos County Oregon to visit for the holidays. Arrived in North Bend, OR on Thanksgiving day and leaving Bandon, OR on December 29th. It has been a very wet month.

This selfie is what the entire Coos County populations looks like from November to May every year…

Upon arrival, we headed to a local campground favorite, Tugman State Park. It was raining..a lot…for our stay there, but it was a nice familiar place to get some rest after our mad dash to get to Oregon for the Thanksgiving holiday. 

Always bring your life jacket to a picnic…
And be prepared to swim to the dock.
Eel Lake at Tugman State Park

After Tugman we stayed at Riley County Park, then up to Tenmile Lakes County Park. The rain slowed a little while there and we actually managed to have a campfire and roast some hot dogs. The bad side of the rain decreasing is that we got to experience our first potable water hose freezing during this time. Oops.

Butterfield Lake at Riley County Park
Since I wouldn’t leave the trailer to confirm the frozen hose, the hubby wanted to prove to me that it was, indeed, cold.

Towards the end of our month here we went to Bandon, OR. Other than visiting with the family, Bandon was the funnest part of our trip. The rainy days and sunny days were pretty equal and we managed to spend some time at a few of the beaches, visit the Coquille River Lighthouse, and Face Rock Creamery.

The sun setting behind the Coquille River Lighthouse

Bandon is an adorable little town. Old Town Bandon is a few blocks worth of souvenir shops, seafood restaurants, coffee shops and even (my favorite thing!) a bookstore. Old Town is next to the Bandon Docks where they have fresh seafood shops.

The Bandon City Park has a huge playground, ball fields, a dog park, and is walking distance to the library and the beach! For as small of a town as Bandon is, they do seem to do tourism correctly.

Cute gazebo in the Bandon City Park
Dog Park!!! 1, 2, 3…Fight!
Beautiful beach in Bandon
Wave goodbye to the Oregon Coast for a few months…
Bandon’s version of the stairway to heaven…
Evidence of the rare and elusive winter sun in Bandon.

Face Rock Creamery is a small creamery right in the middle of town. Their cheese is absolutely amazing! If you go to visit make sure to try their In Your Face Fiery Red Pepper Cheese and their Vampire Slayer Garlic Cheese.

So good!
Her life would have been way easier if all she had to do was throw cheese at the Vampyre’s…

We have had an amazing time celebrating holidays with our kids, family, and friends. We are headed out tomorrow for the trip south through California to arrive at our workamping gig at Joshua Tree National Park. I am excited to get out of the rain for a few months, but saying goodbye to the family is always bittersweet.

Merry Christmas from Milo
And Happy New Year from Rusty

Meet the Furry Kids


Hi! Our peoples asked us to introduce ourselves. I thought, hey, good idea, but what if we introduce each other instead of ourselves.

So, let me tell you about Milo. Milo (they call him my brother, but I don’t remember seeing him during nursing times), can be a good pup, sometimes. I mean he can be rude, always knocking you out of the way to get to the treats first… so impatient. And he’s just a mess – you should see him drink, all the slobber, yuck! He’s fun though. He follows when I tell him too. He does get confused when the peoples are telling him to do something different, but he knows who’s really in charge around here. And I always win when we wrestle. If only I could teach him to hunt squirrels better, then maybe he would be a perfect brother. 

This is Milo. The Great Slobberer.

Hey! I’m Milo. I guess I’m supposed to tell you about Rusty. Did you see Rusty? I mean wow, what a great brother. Well, sorta. He gets a little bossy but he always finds the best things to smell and places to run. He’s funny too (Don’t tell him I said this), especially the way stuff gets stuck to his tail when we run through the trees. He’s weird always hiding his bones from me too. He’s thinks I’m not smart enough to know, but I find ‘em. He gets mad when I make fun of him for being old (‘cause he is). I love him. Especially as a pillow in our new home. All that fuzzy hair, he’s so warm. I gots the best brother!

This Rusty. Sir Spotted Tongue Fluffy Tail.

If you want to keep up with the adventures of Rusty and Milo follow them on their Facebook page!