Let’s Talk Workamping

Let’s Talk Workamping

Need to find something to do with all your extra time? Maybe workamping is for you!

This last January we spent three months caretaking for Key’s Ranch inside Joshua Tree National Park. The caretaker position there didn’t pay a wage, but we had space for the trailer, water, garbage, and reimbursement for our propane. The job description included helping park rangers with daily tours of the ranch, helping lost hikers find their way, and making sure there were no vandals on the property. It was a simple job, and the rangers at Joshua Tree were great to work with. It was an amazing experience that I am quite grateful for.

Keys Ranch

We were just recently hired for a Fire/Equipment Watch position in Oregon.  This job description includes fire watch for a few hours after quitting time for the work crew, and equipment watch during the night and weekends. They decided to go ahead and hire for the position because some jackass used their equipment tires as target practice a few weeks ago. We are paid a daily stipend with this job, which is great. We’re responsible for our own power (solar!), water, and propane. They do provide a port-a-john, and I learned today that I have to share my port-a-john with the crew sometimes. I’m not super thrilled about this, but I think I’m going to try leaving packages of maxi pads and tampons in there to keep the guys out – I will keep you updated on how that works for me. 

This is part of the area that we are keeping watch over. (Photo credit unknown)

Now you would like to know where we find these kind of gigs, right? Well, if you wouldn’t like to know, you should go read something else.

There are a lot of workamping sites available online. Most are free, but some do charge for a membership.

Sugar Beet Harvest Short term positions offer excellent compensation and attract applicants from all over the United States and Canada.

Workamping JobsHelp Wanted Ads for Campgrounds and RV Parks looking for RV workers.

Cool Works– Jobs in Great Places. Where Do You Want To Be Tomorrow?

Workers on Wheels   – Work For RVers And Campers. Sets you free with temporary, seasonal, and mobile jobs that pay.

American Land & Leisure – Here you’ll find information about the facilities we manage and about working with AL&L.

Modern Day NomadsFollow Your Dream Job: Top Travel Jobs & Inspiration for Globetrekking, Creative Professionals

Government Volunteer Positions

Volunteer.gov – Find volunteer positions within the government at National Parks, Army corps of Engineers, etc. 

State Parks – Look up individual states to find what workamping positions they may have available, like Oregon

Craigslist – If you have a location in mind, use Craigslist.org to find workamping positions. Make sure to search under Jobs and Gigs. 

Indeed.com – Use the desired location zip code and keywords to find workamping jobs. Keywords: workamping, caretaker, host, fire watch, etc.


Write on the Road Q&A

I put up a request for questions so that I could put together a Q & A as a blog post.

No one asked me anything. Which is fine. I don’t feel unloved at all.

It’s fine, really.

But since no one really wanted to know anything about us, I am going to go ahead and make up some questions that I would want to ask people…(you should have just acted like you cared, is it so much to ask, really?)

Q: How old are you?
A: I am 39 and Mr. Write on the Road is 41

Q: How are you able to to uproot your lives and travel?
A: We have a sufficient monthly income. We are not rich. We have a budget that we have to follow, which can put a damper on some things, but we find ways to entertain ourselves.

Don’t try this at home. It’s illegal.

Q: How does sexy time work in a travel trailer full time?
A: Well, it is always good to postpone sexy time until the trailer has been leveled and stabilized. Most of the time things work the same as they do in a sticks n’ bricks…except hanging from the rafters for wild, crazy monkey lovemaking…we don’t have rafters.

Is that a banana, or are you happy to see me?

Q: Favorite place you have visited so far?
A: Roswell, NM for me. It was fun and crazy…which made it feel like home for me.
Mr. Write on the Road says Roswell for the cheesy fun. Arches National Park because of the awe-inspiring natural beauty. And Plomosa, because it was creepy. But probably Lincoln, NM …. the history and how we followed the trail of Billy the Kid from Ft. Sumner to Lincoln…. that was really cool.. and a little creepy too when you think of the places we stood and who lived and died in those exact spots. — He really just can’t give a direct answer, so I’m not asking him anything else.

Q: What do you miss most from your previous life?
A: My kids. They are amazing adults that I am happy to claim as my best friends. (I didn’t ask the Mr. – We would all be here for hours, I’m sure.)

Q: How does the hygiene thing work living in such a small trailer full time?
A: It’s not really that different than living in an apartment. There is no luxuriously soaking in a near boiling bubble bath with a glass of wine, candles and good book….wait. Where was I going with this?  Oh, yea. Showers are regular, we brush our teeth on a regular basis and take the stinky laundry to the laundromat. It’s really all the same, just on a smaller scale.

Ahhh. Yes, please.

Q: Are you sick of it yet?
A: Not even close! There is still so much to see and do! Our country is amazing, with amazing people, and I can’t wait to see more!