Complaints from RVers About Other RVers

Complaints from RVers About Other RVers

We are members of quite a few RVing groups on Facebook, and they are a great source of information, and they have a lot of experienced RVers to answer your questions. The groups are 90% useful and 10% grumpy farts. There’s always a handful that have to throw poo like they skipped a step in the evolutionary process…

So, I’m going to talk about the complaints I have seen the most from RVers about other RVers. You can use the information to avoid pissing people off – or to make it a lot worse if you don’t care how bunchy their panties get.

Kids Having Fun
Seriously, this is a complaint that I have seen more than once. What we full-timers need to remember is that this is our life. We get to stay at these parks, travel, and relax or explore whenever and however we like. The weekenders or vacationers are trying to make the best of the limited time they have before they have to go back to work. Have some patience! Take a good listen to a kids’ laughter – it could be contagious!

Gee, Mr. Wilson. Unknot your drawers.

Unleashed Dogs
First, we are dog owners. We have two full-sized dogs that you can learn all about them here. Second, your dogs should ALWAYS be on leash when outside. That is the rule 99% of the time, so follow it. If your dog is amazingly well-behaved then congratulations, and they shouldn’t mind being on a leash because they are so amazingly well-behaved. Also, it makes my dogs jealous that yours are off leash and mine are all dressed up with them. Stop making my dogs jealous. Just follow the rules.

It’s really not that hard to follow the rules…

People Walking Through Your Campsite
Okay, I gotta go with the grumpy farts on this one. If it’s isn’t your campsite, stay out of it.

I feel a little violated just reading the sign.

“They have their generator on all night long.” “It’s so loud.” “The fumes come in my window.” Okay okay, okay. I get it. You are probably out RVing because you like the outdoors; because nature sounds and smells better than a city every time. But we all travel differently. We don’t own a generator, but have some great portable solar panels. BUT we do not use much power. No TV, no microwave, etc. We’ve gotten annoyed by a generator a time or two, but having a camping neighbor come tell us about his heart monitor that needs charged often (he is on the heart transplant list) reminded us that we don’t know what other people got going on in their lives, so we probably shouldn’t gripe about any of them…well, maybe a few of them. 

You can gripe about these guys.

LINKS on RVing Etiquette (I do not necessarily agree with all of these, or any of them, but thought I would share other opinions too, even though mine is really the only one that matters.

10 Commandments of RV Etiquette  

Campground Etiquette

RV Etiquette

Roswell Part Two

Taking a short break from the alien invasion of Roswell, we decided to go visit the Roswell Art Center and Museum. The Art Center and Museum has many galleries to view and an awesome tribute to Robert H. Goddard, the scientist that helped create the rockets that were used to get us to the moon. Admission is free.

My favorite exhibit
Robert H. Goddard…God(dard) of Rockets.
The workshop
The Workshop
Moon Rock
Sleep Train
The creepy was strong with this one!

The Roswell Space Walk is another photo opportunity built into the back of a gift store. Space Walk is a wonderful black light art walk depicting the universe around us, with space ships flying through our skies. At the end of the space walk is a large black light painting of a futuristic world. One artists painted the entire exhibit and is a local in Roswell. Admission is $2 per person.

Black Light Art is Fun! Stoned or Sober!

While visiting Roswell make sure to pay attention to all the alien themed signs, carvings, art, and even the light posts downtown. Even their McDonald’s has embraced the weird with a UFO shaped playroom and an astronaut Ronald McDonald.

15050260_10208570226506261_1413825616_n 15086389_10208570226146252_704557111_n

Ice Cream Sundae with Tabasco please…(True Roswell fans will get it..)
He is known to be a wonderful deliverer of messages!
Alien statues are everywhere!

Roswell’s city park has to be just a little bit odd as well, and so they have a zoo in it. The Spring River Park and Zoo is a pretty wonderful place to take the family! Admission is free! (If you are like us and a bit uncertain about the entire concept of a zoo, the majority of the residents at the Spring River Zoo are rescues that are unable to live in the wild…)

Owl does not approve of camera’s
Bite me. You move it.
Sleepy or horny?
The Angry American
He’s Prairie Doggin’ It!

The most wonderful part of Roswell is to see a town that really had nothing much going for it until the conspiracy theories of the 1947 crash put it on the map. At that point they welcomed the attention and have embraced the conspiracy in such a fun way. In July of every year they have the UFO Convention, Film Festival and AlienCon. I would love to be able to visit during that week because the locals and the visitors will be perfectly weird…I would fit in just fine.


Roswell – Part One

This town is my town. It is so full of weird and cheesy shit and I couldn’t be happier with it!

Welcome to Roswell

UFO Museum and Research Center
You could spend hours inside the museum, because there is a TON of reading to go over. Most of the exhibits are photos, documents,  and affidavits of personal accounts of the Roswell crash of 1947. They have some interesting evidence that, if you take the time to read, you may actually find yourself questioning the whole situation. Admission was $5 per person, which gives you the ability to come and go as you please for the entire day. 

KODAK Digital Still Camera
UFO Museum and Research Center
Be In Touch…

They also have exhibits and dioramas of aliens, spaceships, and autopsies.

Alien Autopsy
Possible saucer shaped aircraft of foreign governments
The Day the Earth Stood Still
We come in Peace! Also with pollution?
Lost Travelers…took the wrong exit. I can relate.

All in all, I recommend you stop by and see what they have to see. (Also, the museum is pet friendly!)

The next stop for us was Alien Zone.  Alien Zone is a souvenir shop, which has some cool things to see and purchase. The best part was the walk-through,  Area 51. Their version of Area 51 is specifically made for Alien fun photo ops. They have alien autopsy, an alien bar, alien outhouse…you name it! It was super fun and interactive. There is a large crashed UFO that you can go inside for pics. At the end of the photo op fun is a replica of the City of Roswell in the future. It is amazing to see in person and none of the photos that we got of the futuristic city does it justice. Admission is $2 per person. (Please excuse the mass amounts of photos, but Area 51 was a cheesy blast!!)

Area 51
They are among us…in tiny little government test tubes.
Little man hard at work
Really, Ed? Not only did you take the wrong exit, you wrecked our damn ship!
When you gotta go, you gotta go
Humans are exhausting…but they do have beer and TV!
Perform your own autopsy, no medical degree needed!
Life can really flip you upside-down…
Take me to your leader! 2016 election? Shit, never mind – we’re out!
Waiting. Bad service or stood up?

We stopped by the Roswell public library to see their Tree of Knowledge. The art piece is a collaboration of the citizens of Roswell, each quote, movie title, book title, and poem excerpt was a suggestion from an individual community member. The tree is beautiful!

Tree of Knowledge
Kind of demanding, isn’t it?

Somewhere I have never been!

Up Next – Roswell Part Two!