Short Story Time (Valentine’s Special) – Tommy’s Will by M.D. Parker

Tommy’s Will

Tommy peeked around the corner. The morning was getting late and only a few scattered people were walking to and from the shops up and down the street. Most paid no attention to the little boy peeking around the edge of the pawn shop, though one lady did turn back, viewing him with furrowed brow before shaking her head and walking on.  

Tommy watched her pass the newspaper stand and walk three doors down. She entered under a sign that read ‘Katherine’s Kollectibles.’ He ducked back behind the corner and looked down at his feet. His breathing was fast and his hands slick with a thin layer of sweat. Deep breath in, he took another look around the corner.

The newsstand had been there for a long time, Tommy knew. Its cart-like design and fold-down wooden awnings had been on this corner since his own father had been a child. He could see rows of magazines and papers neatly arranged and labeled. From his corner he saw labels that read political, outdoors, fashion, sportsman, and on the top shelf, mens. Other labels were masked from his view by thin buckets that contained flowers. Most were single roses, but a few held bouquets of various types. Tommy knew the other side had those stupid teen magazines that littered his sister’s floor, and of course, a stack of the daily newspaper.

He had his target, now he just had to wait until the old man was distracted. He had heard the stories of what happened to kids caught stealing from his paper stand. He could not wait too long. This was his third attempt, he had been too scared and instead ran away without what he needed. Today was her last day. She would be gone tomorrow, so it had to be today; this was his last chance.

He watched for a minute longer, examining the old man as he handed out change to a guy in brown slacks. He wore a light coat, his gray stringy hair stuck out in tufts from under the fisherman style hat he had worn for years. The brim of the hat shadowed his upper face and brow, making the eye-patch he wore even more sinister. The kids at school made pirate jokes about him, and there were stories whispered about how he lost his eye. Tommy only believed half of them.

He moved back, fully behind the corner again. He looked down at his feet and saw the laces dangle, their knot loose, on his left foot. He knelt down and performed the loop and bunny his father taught him long ago. He stood and felt inside his coat. There it was, safe and sound. The folded piece of paper tucked into the inside pocket that made the jacket so cool he had begged his mother relentlessly for it. Shoes tied, jacket straight, paper tucked safely away, he was ready… deep breath.

He looked once before moving and saw a lady flipping through the magazines next to the label that read ‘Home and Garden’ before she turned to the old man. She slid one out from the rack. The one-eyed devil now had his back to him. Tommy knew this was his moment.

He put one foot in front of the other, trying to walk and not run. He had to move fast, but not too fast. There, up high, on the end corner. The flower buckets up high had the single roses. That’s what he needed. Just one, he only needed one. His hand reached out and up. Tommy had not realized just how tall the newspaper stand was; he was going to have to jump to grab it. Jump and run. He felt his legs tighten. His knees flexed. He sprang forth.

He went backward. Pulled by the collar of his really cool jacket. His body ended up two feet back, still on his feet, but no longer in control of where they could go. The old man had him. He bent down to bring his wrinkled face with the hint of gray stubble and coffee on his breath only inches from Tommy’s face.

“What do you think you’re doing?”

Tommy’s throat closed, his voice lost somewhere down low in his gut, sitting next to his heart. This couldn’t be happening. He had planned so carefully. She would be gone tomorrow. He had to get it today. Now she would never now. He would never make it to her.

“I said, what do you think you’re doing? You better talk boy!” The patch over his missing eye seemed to move in tandem with his chin as he spoke. “Can’t talk, eh? That’s okay, I am sure your parents will have plenty to say when they hear you were trying to steal those magazines.” The old man pointed to the top shelf, just inches from the top row of flowers. Tommy had not even thought about them. There, on the top shelf, the girly magazines like the one David Duester had shown everyone in the boys room at school. He had gotten away with stealing it from the newsstand. It had been the spark that ignited the courage in Tommy that he could do it.

“Wha… No, sir. No. I wasn’t tryin’ to…”

“Don’t lie to me son. That’s the problem with you kids. Think you can lie your way out of everything.”

“No. I mean… I wasn’t trying to take that. I mean…”

“Tell me the truth. Now boy.”

“I was trying to steal, but not that… I was …I was trying to get one of those.” Tommy raised his finger pointing to the single roses wrapped in the clear bouquet plastic. His arm fully extended made the coat tighten around his shoulders and neck. The old man still had his collar tight.

“Do you expect me to believe that?”

“No sir. I mean, yes, I mean… I wasn’t stealing the girly magazines.”

The old man stared at him. Tommy thought for sure he would be an old man like him before his collar would be released. What was he going to tell his mother? It didn’t matter. The most important thing was that he failed, and Emily was leaving tomorrow.


“Why?” Tommy did not understand the question.

“Tell me why. Why were you taking a flower.”

“I…’cause I…” Tommy couldn’t find any words to explain. How would this old man understand?

“Was it for your mom?”

“No, sir.”

“Ah. Well we have a situation here, don’t we?” The old man smiled. Tommy was sure the missing eye was boring through and eating his insides. He looked at the old man, his face contorting into a question. The old man chuckled, and Tommy swallowed, hard.

“I’ll tell you what. You tell me her name, and why you were going to steal from me, and maybe this’ll go easy for you.” The old man’s grin scared him. Tommy’s heart pounded so loud in his ears he could hardly understand the words spoken to him.

“Because, I mean, her name is… Emily. She leaves tomorrow. She leaves tomorrow and I don’t have any money. She doesn’t know. Please, sir, I am sorry, please don’t tell my mom.”

“Emily huh? And she doesn’t know?”

“No sir.” Tommy felt the grip on his collar loosen.

“Don’t move,” The old man said as he let go and turned and plucked the top most single rose from its bucket. He turned and squatted down to face Tommy again. “Take this. And if she leaves today, you better hurry. But know this. If I ever catch you hanging around here again, you better be handing me money, kid, or I’ll be takin’ you by twisted ear right to your mom, ya hear me?”

Tommy’s eyes widened and his heart started to crawl back out of the pit deep in his stomach.  The old man’s wrinkled hand passed the flower to Tommy’s shaking hand. Tommy never noticed the tear in the corner of the old man’s remaining eye, “Go. There’s nothing worse than never telling her. Go now.”

Tommy did not argue, he did not hesitate. Flower in hand, plastic making rustling sound as his fist tightened around it, he ran. He barely heard the old man calling out to him, urging him forward, but warning him about next time all as one statement. He ran; past the shops, and dodging people on the street. He turned the far corner and ran past the school. He did not stop running until the reached the tract of woods that marked the final blocks to where he knew Emily was.

He stopped at the edge of the trees and looked out over the undergrowth at the moving van in the driveway of her house. He watched as her mother called out to her father as he loaded a stack of boxes. He took the folded paper from his coat. The paper had become crinkled, but he did not care. The old man had let him go, and now he could see her before she left. He could tell her what he had to. He removed the flower from its plastic prison and wrapped the stem in the folded paper. He took another round of deep breaths and walked out of the brush and across the street to Emily’s house.

Both her parents were back inside. As he reached the curb of the sidewalk he saw her. Walking out from the side of the house where she had been his whole life. He only took one step into the dry grass of their front lawn. He stood motionless staring at her. Her hair was the color of the biscuits his mother made. She saw him and walked over to him. He kept the paper wrapped flower behind his back. He noted that she was wearing the shirt with the glitter, that he had made fun of once before. He wished he had never teased her.

“Hi, Tommy. What are you doing here?” She asked her ponytail dropping to one side as she plastered a quizzical look on her face.

“I have to give you something.”


“It’s, well, I mean. Emily, I love you!” He thrust out the rose with the paper folded around the stem.

Her face froze on his words, the colored at first drained and then a second later replaced by glowing red in her cheeks. She took the papered flower and looked at the words written on the outside of the fold. ‘last wil and testimant’ it read.

Tommy took a loud deep breath, “I had to give it to you, because, because you’re leaving. My Dad gave one to my Mom, before… before he was gone. He said it was because he loved us. I wanted to give it to you before you go. In case we don’t see each other anymore.”

Emily looked at him. Tommy could not move. The color of his face joining hers. She turned and began to run away. Tommy started back toward the strip of trees and brush, he had to get home soon. He had told her. He had given it to her.

“Tommy!” Her voice sang in his ear. He turned around to see her running up to him. Her smile and the red in her face was all he could see. She stopped only inches from him, reached up and kissed him. A peck, not on the cheek, but right there, on the corner of his mouth. He smiled.

“Don’t tell anyone, but I love you, too. You tell anyone and I will punch you in the nose.” She turned to walk away again. When she reached the sidewalk again she looked over her shoulder at him, “We’re not going far, I’ll still see you at school, silly.”

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Dumps and Chumps of Pahrump (Nevada) – and one great place!

Pahrump, Nevada

What can you say about Pahrump, Nevada?

Well, a few years ago the LA Times had quite a lot to say about Pahrump, when the entire city council was almost taken to jail by their constituents – you can read that here

If you read that article and you’re still confused about the kind of community Pahrump is, then you should try this article. Just 11 years ago they passed a law in Pahrump; you had to speak English only.  Yes, really.

Depending on the kind of person you are you may really like the idea of Pahrump, or you may really despise the idea of Pahrump – either way, I wanted you to have a little history on the area.  We didn’t do our homework and we were completely caught off guard by the regressive attitude toward laws, politics, and human rights.

So, again what can you say about Pahrump, Nevada?

They have Preferred RV Resort!

Preferred RV Resort – The light in the center of darkness.

Preferred RV was the shining light in the middle of a shadowed community.

Beautiful views…upwards…toward the sky, not toward the town.

The park was beautiful! There was a heated pool, hot tub, shuffleboard, crafts, woodworking, and a  lot more. They scheduled daily events like breakfast in the club house, water volleyball, Bingo, and casino nights.

Horseshoe pits
Heated indoor/outdoor pool – the roof is retractable.
Hot tub
Playground and grassy areas for their over-population of bunnies!
Shaded picnic areas
Cute and clean park
Picnic areas near the Koi pond

Preferred RV also has large outdoor BBQing areas, along with shaded picnic areas, fenced pet areas, and a Koi pond. Also, if you tend to squeal with delight (I may have been known to do this….) when you see wildlife, then you will love the crazy amount of wild rabbits that come out at dusk. Bunnies everywhere! The dogs and I enjoyed the bunnies very much, but probably for very different reasons.

See? The light in the middle of darkness…
Koi pond
Koi are not even close to being coy – what’s up with that?
There is fish food, too… if they manage to convince you that they are starving.

The only issue we had at the RV park was while filling our tanks at their on-site propane fill. There was a mishap and our tank knob was damaged so much that it needed to be replaced. We brought the issue to the manager and we were reimbursed in just a few days – no hassle!

Also, Preferred RV park is gated with 24 hour security at the gate, which gives you a nice safe feeling of being cut off from the rest of the town.

What we discovered we didn’t enjoy – so, maybe it is one or the other…

If you are into crappy customer service, sad attempts at masculinity, and a poker room with dealers that think rape jokes are funny, the Nugget Casino is just across the street.

What?! Who knew?!

Sadly, it was the only poker room in Pahrump, so we didn’t get to play as much poker as we planned. But if slot machines are your thing, Irene’s and Saddle West are nearby, both of which had good customer service and didn’t make you feel unsafe.

You may have noticed by now, but I have a bit of a pissy attitude toward Pahrump. We witnessed men being sexually inappropriate in public (around children), sheriff officers not caring, random citizens displaying their racism and ignorance like it was something to be proud of, and heard stories from female Nugget employees that are scared to go to work unless they share the same shift.

Pahrump has grown really quickly over the past 20 years…as far as population, anyway. Growth, such as being decent humans, seems to have slipped right by them. And as much as we loved Preferred RV and the people there…we will slip right by Pahrump next time, too.

Fuck Pahrump.

Virginia City, Nevada

Virginia City, Nevada

I have spent way too long sitting here trying to figure out how to type out the theme song to Bonanza so it would get stuck in your head…now it’s stuck in my head and I don’t know how to spell out musical notes.



(On a side note – while searching for this tune for your earworm pleasure, I discovered that the song actually has words…who knew?) 

So we visited Virginia City, Nevada. It was off season so all of the museums were closed, but the businesses along Main Street were open.

Did the earworm go away yet? You know you want to hum it again, Hoss!
Samuel Clemens lived in Virginia City for a few years, and was employed as a reporter for the Territorial Enterprise…writing under his pen name, Mark Twain.
Barrels of candy! Sounds like the place to be…
At the candy store….that’s what he said?
Inside the specialty shop, The Super Chicken. Tons of metal art, posters, and movie and sports paraphernalia.
Example of metal art. Make sure to stop by the Super Chicken if you’re in Virginia City.

The buildings are old and rustic, and the wooden sidewalks are perfect for your boot heels to thump on as you saunter down the street.

On the city sidewalk. No, there isn’t gold in there. I looked.
This saloon got its name after a shooting occurred in the bar, resulting in the mop bucket turning red.
To the Opera House!
Beautiful details on the buildings.

Even without the museums open, there is plenty of history to be had just by visiting a couple of the restaurants and bars.

The bar inside the Delta Saloon.
Delta Saloon Antique Jukebox…it plays the Bonanza theme all day, every day.

We joined a trolley tour for a drive through town. The tour guide was full of history and Virginia City facts, and was a super nice guy (he gave Rusty and Milo some water, because their peoples are dumb and forgot theirs)! At only $5.00 per person, it was a great way to see the town.

Tour trolley
The Washoe Club (as seen through the tour trolley window) was originally a club for millionaires only.

There is a lot of history, and each historic building has its own story to tell.

The Forth Ward School Museum. This building is breathtaking.
The Forth Ward School Museum. Beautiful historic building with a lot of history and stories to tell.

And we’re all just stories in the end, right? So, let’s make it a good one, eh?

Found at the Virginia City free parking lot – The Pit Stop.
This sweet ride did not age as well as the TARDIS
The Cartwright’s have the phone box?
I looked up and down the wooden sidewalks for the Doctor, or a companion…
I found him at the Super Chicken hanging out with Elvis.

Great history, beautiful buildings, and fun shops. Virginia City was a great way to spend the day!

Book Review – Fourth of July Creek by Smith Henderson

Fourth of July Creek by Smith Henderson

If you want to feel better about yourself as a parent, you should read this book. It gives you some pretty descriptive detail about how to be the shittiest parents possible.

Fourth of July Creek takes you back to the early 80’s, and introduces you to the Pearl family. This family is extremely religious, and heavily lean on conspiracy theories to keep themselves thoroughly crazy as they live in the wilderness, completely off-grid. A CPS worker, Pete Snow, gets wind of the family and shows up to try and help – and it eventually leads to ATF and the FBI searching for the family – and for Pete.

Maybe the conspiracies aren’t just theories anymore.

Even though this type of story is normally not my thing, the novel was good. The characters are colorful, giving you an in-depth look into some pretty serious cuckoo birds, and some pretty intense assholes.

My full opinion – worth the read, but probably only once.  


It’s Just How Geeks Roll – Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington

We at Write on the Road tend to avoid big cities whenever we can – so recently we tackled Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington all in the same week – because we also like to make ourselves cry.

We got it raw…

We had to be in Portland for a few days, so we filled our time finding geeky stuff to do. 

…and lots of books.

Who says size matters? The Guinness Book of World Records – Portland is home to the World’s Smallest Park. Mill Ends Park is just 24” in diameter and 452.16 square inches.

Mill Ends Park
This is it. No really. This is it.

Who else says size matters? Me, when a bookstore takes up an entire city block! We visited Powell’s City of Books, America’s largest independent bookstore. It was amazing. It smelled of books, new and old, and coffee. There were a LOT of people shopping while we were there, but it was okay – book people are okay.

A bag of books. Just add wine for instant happy!
Sniff them. Do it. All the cool kids are.
A city block full of books. This is just one section of heaven here.

We also hung out for a few hours at the Clackamas Town Center Mall. Best stores – Hot Topic and Barnes and Noble. Now I own a badass beanie, and my to-be-read-pile is ridiculously large (and now we’re talking about size again). To finish up our shopping, we visited the StarWarsStore store near the mall. The store is small, but the space is filled with so many collectibles that it was nerdgasmic. 

Are you okay, Anni? Anni, are you okay? Are you okay, Anni?
Maximum effort!
Made the Kessel Run in 12 parcsecs…

To end our Portland adventure we found The TARDIS Room Cafe. With hopes of fish fingers and custard, we arrived for lunch – only to be disappointed by a closure for remodel. 

The construction workers have the phone box.

After our few days in Portland, we were ready to get on the road again.

Portland, Oregon, thanks for being nerdy with us!

We headed north, and briefly stopped in Seattle, WA.

How do they thread the space through the needle?

I try to be a supportive spouse. I support Mike in most things, and when I don’t it’s because he has had some stupid idea to…I digress. I support Mike in most things, and it was no different when he decided to take a religious trek to sacred ground – CenturyLink Field, home of the Seattle Seahawks.

“…it’s one thing saying you’ve got the best god, but sayin’ it’s the only real one is a bit of cheek, in my opinion.” – Terry Pratchet

I don’t give any craps about football – but Mike does. He has been a fan of the Seahawks since he was a wee lad, and he was thrilled to stop by Centurylink for a quick look-see. It wasn’t a tour day, so we didn’t really get to see the field open, just through the fence. The store was open there, and although I don’t give any craps about football, I do love me a new hoodie – so guess who’s a Seahawks fan now? Still not me, but I got a new hoodie anyway.

Wave your flags and banners, sports fans!
12 is okay. 42 would have been a better answer.
The view from the cheap seats. Really cheap seats. The free ones outside the locked fence…
Or the 42’s!

Seattle has a ton of things that we wanted to see and do, but we didn’t have time for this trip. Travel through Washington will be a regular thing for us from now on, as family members have moved up there and we will be visiting often.  Looking forward to the Space Needle and the Pop Culture Museum next time through!

After Seattle we kept driving north – eventually all the way to the Canadian border…

UP NEXT – The most northwesternest you can get in the continental US.


A Book Review – When She Woke by Hillary Jordan

When She Woke by Hillary Jordan
A Book Review

In a world similar to Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale, Hillary Jordan’s world of When She Woke takes place in a future where women have little, to no, choice on what they can do with their bodies.

Criminals are not often kept in jails or prisons anymore, instead their skin is dyed a color that matches their crime. The protagonist, Hannah, wakes in a temporary cell with her skin dyed a deep red. Scarlet. The color of murder. The victim was her unborn child.  

The current political climate of the United States makes this novel seem less like science fiction, and more like a premonition. Religious leaders, such as Pat Robertson or Joel Osteen, try so desperately to make us (especially women) live a guilt-ridden life, terrified of upsetting a very angry god. In this story we watch Hannah wake up to the reality of life and religion – and maybe start making choices to follow her own beliefs and not those of the “righteous” men that run the country. 

Book Review – The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood

The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood
A Book Review

The Handmaid’s Tale is a dystopian novel that takes place in the future in what used to be the United States. The novel shows us a future that the majority of women have fought quite hard to prevent. The land is ruled by men and religion. Most women are infertile (according to the men), so those that are fertile are trained to become handmaids.

“And she said, Behold my maid Bilhah, go in unto her; and she shall bear upon my knees, that I may also have children by her.” Genesis 30:1

The handmaids live with a Commander, and their wife, and are forced to have sex with the commander every month during their most fertile time. This story follows Offred, a handmaid to Commander Fred, and his wife, Serena Joy. Offred used to be known by another name, and used to be known as a mother and a wife. Offred yearns to find her way back to her daughter and her husband – if they are even still alive.

The Handmaid’s Tale is terrifying – and touching. In a world where your choices are taken away, would you make a final choice for yourself anyway?


Let’s Talk Workamping

Let’s Talk Workamping

Need to find something to do with all your extra time? Maybe workamping is for you!

This last January we spent three months caretaking for Key’s Ranch inside Joshua Tree National Park. The caretaker position there didn’t pay a wage, but we had space for the trailer, water, garbage, and reimbursement for our propane. The job description included helping park rangers with daily tours of the ranch, helping lost hikers find their way, and making sure there were no vandals on the property. It was a simple job, and the rangers at Joshua Tree were great to work with. It was an amazing experience that I am quite grateful for.

Keys Ranch

We were just recently hired for a Fire/Equipment Watch position in Oregon.  This job description includes fire watch for a few hours after quitting time for the work crew, and equipment watch during the night and weekends. They decided to go ahead and hire for the position because some jackass used their equipment tires as target practice a few weeks ago. We are paid a daily stipend with this job, which is great. We’re responsible for our own power (solar!), water, and propane. They do provide a port-a-john, and I learned today that I have to share my port-a-john with the crew sometimes. I’m not super thrilled about this, but I think I’m going to try leaving packages of maxi pads and tampons in there to keep the guys out – I will keep you updated on how that works for me. 

This is part of the area that we are keeping watch over. (Photo credit unknown)

Now you would like to know where we find these kind of gigs, right? Well, if you wouldn’t like to know, you should go read something else.

There are a lot of workamping sites available online. Most are free, but some do charge for a membership.

Sugar Beet Harvest Short term positions offer excellent compensation and attract applicants from all over the United States and Canada.

Workamping JobsHelp Wanted Ads for Campgrounds and RV Parks looking for RV workers.

Cool Works– Jobs in Great Places. Where Do You Want To Be Tomorrow?

Workers on Wheels   – Work For RVers And Campers. Sets you free with temporary, seasonal, and mobile jobs that pay.

American Land & Leisure – Here you’ll find information about the facilities we manage and about working with AL&L.

Modern Day NomadsFollow Your Dream Job: Top Travel Jobs & Inspiration for Globetrekking, Creative Professionals

Government Volunteer Positions – Find volunteer positions within the government at National Parks, Army corps of Engineers, etc. 

State Parks – Look up individual states to find what workamping positions they may have available, like Oregon

Craigslist – If you have a location in mind, use to find workamping positions. Make sure to search under Jobs and Gigs. – Use the desired location zip code and keywords to find workamping jobs. Keywords: workamping, caretaker, host, fire watch, etc.


Complaints from RVers About Other RVers

Complaints from RVers About Other RVers

We are members of quite a few RVing groups on Facebook, and they are a great source of information, and they have a lot of experienced RVers to answer your questions. The groups are 90% useful and 10% grumpy farts. There’s always a handful that have to throw poo like they skipped a step in the evolutionary process…

So, I’m going to talk about the complaints I have seen the most from RVers about other RVers. You can use the information to avoid pissing people off – or to make it a lot worse if you don’t care how bunchy their panties get.

Kids Having Fun
Seriously, this is a complaint that I have seen more than once. What we full-timers need to remember is that this is our life. We get to stay at these parks, travel, and relax or explore whenever and however we like. The weekenders or vacationers are trying to make the best of the limited time they have before they have to go back to work. Have some patience! Take a good listen to a kids’ laughter – it could be contagious!

Gee, Mr. Wilson. Unknot your drawers.

Unleashed Dogs
First, we are dog owners. We have two full-sized dogs that you can learn all about them here. Second, your dogs should ALWAYS be on leash when outside. That is the rule 99% of the time, so follow it. If your dog is amazingly well-behaved then congratulations, and they shouldn’t mind being on a leash because they are so amazingly well-behaved. Also, it makes my dogs jealous that yours are off leash and mine are all dressed up with them. Stop making my dogs jealous. Just follow the rules.

It’s really not that hard to follow the rules…

People Walking Through Your Campsite
Okay, I gotta go with the grumpy farts on this one. If it’s isn’t your campsite, stay out of it.

I feel a little violated just reading the sign.

“They have their generator on all night long.” “It’s so loud.” “The fumes come in my window.” Okay okay, okay. I get it. You are probably out RVing because you like the outdoors; because nature sounds and smells better than a city every time. But we all travel differently. We don’t own a generator, but have some great portable solar panels. BUT we do not use much power. No TV, no microwave, etc. We’ve gotten annoyed by a generator a time or two, but having a camping neighbor come tell us about his heart monitor that needs charged often (he is on the heart transplant list) reminded us that we don’t know what other people got going on in their lives, so we probably shouldn’t gripe about any of them…well, maybe a few of them. 

You can gripe about these guys.

LINKS on RVing Etiquette (I do not necessarily agree with all of these, or any of them, but thought I would share other opinions too, even though mine is really the only one that matters.

10 Commandments of RV Etiquette  

Campground Etiquette

RV Etiquette

Book Review – Dark Places by Gillian Flynn

Book Review

Dark Places by Gillian Flynn

Another suspenseful thriller by the author of Gone Girl. Dark Places is the story of Libby Day who confronts her traumatic childhood memories of the murder of her mother and two sisters.  Libby begins her own investigation into the murders, and into the possibility that her brother is innocent of the crime.

Flynn is a great storyteller. She creates interesting and flawed characters that the reader can really connect with. I would recommend, both, Dark Places and Gone Girl.  

“I have a meanness inside me, real as an organ. Slit me at my belly and it might slide out, meaty and dark, drop on the floor so you could stomp on it.”
― Gillian FlynnDark Places

“I was not a lovable child, and I’d grown into a deeply unlovable adult. Draw a picture of my soul, and it’d be a scribble with fangs.”
― Gillian FlynnDark Places

“But I was born bent out of shape. I could picture myself coming out of the womb crooked and wrong. It never takes much for me to lose patience. The phrase fuck you may not rest on the tip of my tongue, but it’s near. Midtongue.”
― Gillian FlynnDark Places